Matched Pair Lawo Vintage Micpres in 19" RACK

SERVICED * XLR in&out * GAIN MOD * Ext PSU * 100 -240 V
This is a matched pair of super high quality mic preamps from the german manufacturer Lawo named V970 . It is the solid state successor of the V70 from the legendary V72 / V76 tube series.
Sales price without tax: $1,099.00
Manufacturer: LAWO

The units were serviced and work properly. The V970 are installed in a 19 inch rack housing and have floating balanced XLR in & outs. The rack comes with an external PSU which needs 100V - 240V so it is usable in USA Europe Asia and Australia.

Normally the V970 has a maximum gain of 30dB but these units were externally modified and have a gain of 44dB with a linear frequency response from 30 Hz to 18 kHz.  The volume is adjustable with a switch in 5dB steps + a 0-10 dB pot. The rack also includes 48V phantom power and phase reverse.